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Like everything development costs money and requires help. Below are ways you can help me out or contibute funds.

Help Out

How can I help?

There are three main ways that you can help us out. All of these cost nothing but a little time.

Add your games!

Simply scanning all of your games collection with your phone using our barcode scanner can help us add missing games increasing our database size. You can also type the barcodes into the search box online or evne use a barcode scanner in keyboard mode to type them in for you.

Scan your games

To help build up our High Res cover collection we need people to scan them in and send them to us. Please scan in using 600DPI setting on your Scanner (Most USB Scanners can do this). You can then either send them to us direct or likely easier upload them to a cloud storage provider first so we can download them. Currently we are looking for full resolution cover scans. An example can be viewed here.

Share, Share and Share!!!

The more people that use the site the better, I'll likely get bored if no one else uses it however if people do I'll have the motivation to keep going on with development.


Why donate? This is meant to save me money?

Like everything nothing's free. The site costs money to host, development takes time which in turn is money etc.

A small donation of £1 by multiple people can go a long way, For example publishing an app for an iPhone costs approximately £100. If 100 People donate £1 the App's funded.

Even if you can't donate any money then sharing the website and adding us to the whitelist on your adblocker helps us out. We only display 1 Advert per page. That's it.

Or if you're buying games and click the eBay or Amazon link we'll get a small cut of your purchase so you're supporting us without paying extra!

Donation Progress

Currently I am rasising funds for: an Apple Publishing Fee

15% Complete
Amount Raised: £0.12/£79.00

Future Targets

After this target is reached I plan to do the following targets:
  • Budget to buy more games to scan in for our photo database. Cost approx £5 A game
And every month I start with a target of £10.00 for general costs.

How to donate

You can donate using either Paypal or Bitcoin at the moment

Bitcoin Address 3F4d3qmKCP2ntwPEPG43A9bXrKXm5aKxQG