Game Price Comparison Site

Comparing second hand game prices

What is this site?

If you're out and about shopping you might see a game you are interested in however many places that don't primarily sell games such as people at Car boots & charity shops don't always price them the best.
For example some places will charge £2 a game when in reaility the game could be worth 50p or £5, this site & service is designed to quickly let you find the cheapest price to see if its a good deal.

How does it work?

We are currently building a database of games for multiple platforms such as Playstation, PC, Playstation 2, XBOX and more. Basically any game which has a barcode.
Our system has programs that run in the background that then get the price from what I think are the major shopping places for second hand games which are CEX, eBay and Amazon (Music Magpie sell on both eBay & Amazon meaning they're included too.
When a user then either asks the facebook bot or inputs the barcode on our site the best price and where to buy it from are shown to the user. Most prices are updated every 24 hours.

How do I use it?

The best way to use it is by going to the Find a Price page and either searching the name of a game or typing in the barcode of one you have. If you're on an Android (Or untested, iPhone) you can use the barcode scanner barcode to launch zxing to scan one using your phone's camera

If there's a game not in the database and you searched a barcode it'll add it to the database and get the price if possible within 5 seconds. If there's a game not in the database then we'll add a form you can fill out requesting a game to be added.

You can also browse through the database of games on the Browse Prices page. Currently the page displays every game in the database and filter functions will be written soon.

The project also started off as a facebook bot with either a picture of the barcode or the 12/13 digit barcode. However this isn't as reliable as the above method.